Zip lining is a fun, exciting and eco-friendly way to experience the scenic beauty of the Greater Yellowstone Area in Montana.

Yellowstone ZipLine offers much more than just an exciting adventure. Our dynamic guides share valuable stories and information about our unique area so that you come away with a deeper understanding and connection to this wild and scenic place.

Our commitment to alternative energy and sustainability has led to the installation of our first solar panels. These solar panels have helped us generate over 6000 kilowatts of energy and helped us reduce our total emissions by over 9500lbs of CO2. You can check out all of our energy savings here. We are also working on getting a van that runs on vegi oil to shuttle our clients 2 miles to and from the Gallatin ZipLine site. Our dream is that we can serve you yummy fries out of our Blazing Paddles Cafe and run the van on our used french fry grease.

The zip line canopy tour puts you out of your comfort zone. You are on an unfamiliar structure, in an unfamiliar space and you are performing unfamiliar actions. It opens your mind. When you step off the zip line platform, it creates a combination of feelings that are slightly different for each individual, but it is like experiencing nature in HD. You key in deeper to your surroundings, you feel the heart of this place.